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AM OVERSEAS is market leader of its area

The art of the cuisine, when fully mastered, is the one human capability of which only good things can be said.

Friedrich Durrenmatt


Authentic Vietnamese sauces made from natural products. A range of sauces includes many types, such as: Hot chili, original fish, rich tomato and flavored soy sauce as well as dressings for various dishes.



High quality whole bean and ground coffee Y5Cafe: 100% Arabica, coffee blends from selected Arabica and Robusta beans. In the catalogue you can also find instant coffee Chao Cafe.


Canned goods

Canned products of our own brand Fansipan. Juicy Queen pineapples, gherkins and tuna. The goods are made from selected Vietnamese products using German technology.



Stunning drinks Ezos Fresh Juice. Created on the basis of fresh juice of exotic fruits: lychee, guava, passion fruit, mango, pineapple. They charge you with vitamins and pleasantly refresh.


The reason why people choose us

We are the exclusive suppliers in Russia of three Vietnamese producers whose products are popular in the US, Canada, Japan, European and other countries.

Producer of traditional Vietnamese sauces with more than 20 years of history.

The company produces salad dressing, soup seasoning and main course flavoring, as well as a variety of delicious sauces: hot chili, fish, tomato and soy sauces. Fresh, natural products, adherence to our traditions, high production rate, all this made the brand's products very popular in Vietnam and around the world. The company is well known to consumers in England, France, USA, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. In 1 year people consume more than 46 million bottles of Cholimex food sauces.

Y5Cafe – The Vietnamese coffee producer. The company supplies with high quality whole bean and ground Arabica coffee. Y5Cafe is distinguished by its incomparable intense aroma and deep rich taste. To achieve such a high quality is possible due to the compliance with three basic rules:

  • Beans ripen in Da Lat province where ideal climatic conditions are created
  • Selective harvesting method is used and only the best selected beans
  • We use medium roast level which is well-suited to only high-quality coffee as a result it reveals the delicate taste and unique aroma of Arabica

Has been working since 2001, Richy is one of the leading Vietnamese companies in confectionery production. Our confectionery is produced at two factories in the north and south of Vietnam. Our state-of the-art equipment and facilities ensure the highest standards of product quality. Richy’s production is the leading brand on Vietnamese market and is in demand in Europe and we are sure that Russian consumers will also like it.

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Неверный информационный блок

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Неверный информационный блок